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Massages for Post-Op Recovery

If you want to get the most out of your surgery recovery, you should definitely consider post-operative massages. As its name suggests, post-operative massages are performed on those who have undergone a general surgery, orthopedic or plastic surgery and require a period of rest and rehabilitation.

What are Post-Operative Massages?

Post-operative massages are a gentle form of massages that increases blood flow and promote recovery by targeting the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps process waste and absorbs fluids. After surgery, these fluids can harden, which is often painful. Post-operative massages prevent and treat this hardening of fluids by reducing inflammation and promoting circulation to the affected area(s). The massages also serve as a tool to further promote the aesthetic you wish for yourself and aid in reducing things like scarring and discomfort. 


Benefits of Massage on Recovery


1. Soft Tissue Repair

Post-operative massages help promote circulation and blood flow throughout your body–although primarily in the area that was treated. This improvement of circulation allows for nutrients to easily be brought to certain areas. With the increase of nutrients, soft tissues have an easier time in repairing.


2. Less Scar Tissue

Another aspect that massages can aid with is in the reduction of scar tissue. Relaxing the muscles causes them to become supple which helps decrease the chance of scar tissue forming. They can also help break up scar tissue that has already formed and promote healing and regeneration of these problem areas.


3. Accelerated Healing

With better circulation your body will heal faster. With better blood flow and oxygen given to your vital organs and tissues, you can help your body to become more flexible, and thus regenerate and heal faster than without the massages. For those who are eager to be done with their post-op phase and to return to their normal life, massages are the perfect treatment option.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

As its name might suggest, a lymphatic drainage massage (LDM) involves the careful movement of excess fluid from your lymph nodes elsewhere. Common after a surgery is performed, lymph nodes tend to swell and become filled with fluid. This can become extremely uncomfortable, and even painful, if not addressed. Indeed, in some cases, if the lymph nodes are left to become inflamed and swollen, it might even cause problems with mobility. LDM is designed to drain this excess fluid. A thorough massage of certain areas of the body with a certain amount of pressure will see it done. By so doing, the lymph nodes are left clear, and your body can heal and recover faster than otherwise.

P.O. Services



PRICE: $110

Fibrosis is characterized by dense tissue and hard lumps underneath the skin. This sometimes occurs post liposuction. This usually takes 6-10 "or more" sessions to smooth out the tissue and help you achieve the desired results you set out to get prior to surgery. Beneficial For: Dense Thick Tissue Post Surgery, Fibrosis, Large Hardened Knots.


ONE AREA: 40 min

PRICE: $90

TWO AREAS: 50 min

PRICE: $100

Some patients experience post-surgery accumulation of liquid or tissues beneath the skin that can harden. The resulting fibrosis can cause bruising or soreness. Lymphatic massage is a type of gentle massage that encourages blood flow and lymph drainage to help relieve this fibrosis. Once the lymph is drained, the reabsorption process begins. The waste tissue will be naturally removed from the body. Lymphatic massage is a very safe and effective way to speed the healing process and improve comfort post-surgery. The lymphatic system flushes fluid through the body to help in the detoxifying process. Post-surgery, your lymphatic system may be damaged or backed up. A certified lymphatic massage therapist can help facilitate the movement of fluid, which will relieve pressure. People who should AVOID lymphatic massages include: Congestive Heart Failure & Increased risk of blood clotting.


SERVICE TIME: 10 Sessions / 45 min ea.

PRICE: $850 Lipo 360 & BBL 
2 Areas:
$900Lipo 360 & Thighs or Arms 

As its name suggests, post-operative massages are performed on those who have undergone a general surgery, orthopedic or plastic surgery and require a period of rest and rehabilitation. Package includes a specialized plan of care using lipo-lasers, lymphatic manual massages, electro-muscle stimulants, ultrasound cavitation, radio frequency, infrared light, infrared red sauna belt, and vacuum therapy.


PRICE: $2.50

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